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Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of photographic style do you have?
I photograph weddings for the most part in a journalistic style, which means I capture the moments as they happen and don't create them. Many people get stiff as soon as they feel observed. I try to integrate myself unobtrusively into the wedding party, it is your day and only you should be the focus. Apart from the couple shooting, group shots and getting ready, I will put you in the best light with clear instructions and tips and show you which poses work best for you. This of course under the motto: "Just have fun".
Do you work with several photographers?
No, the only photographer photographing their wedding is Thomas Hinder. If you are unsure how your wedding day can be documented by only one photographer, please contact me. I would be happy to show you picture galleries of 12 to 14 hour weddings that were accompanied by me alone. A second shooter can be booked on request.
What does the ISPWP Member Banner on your title page mean?
ISPWP, International Society of Professionel Wedding Photographers is an organization representing the best wedding photographers in the world. It sets the highest quality standards for its members and it is a great achievement to be accepted into this exclusive circle. In the quarterly competitions I can compete internationally and gather inspiration.
Where will the couple shooting take place? Do we have to suggest locations?
You are welcome to leave this to the professional. At a preliminary meeting in the studio we will find out which picture style you like best. In the week before your wedding I will go on the search for suitable locations for the pair shooting, this including the weather forecast. In order to use the valuable time you give me on your wedding day efficiently, it is very important to me to plan this in advance in detail. So I can concentrate fully on you and get the most out of it.
How long does a couples shooting take?
The more time I get, the more creative I can be - the more pictures you will get. I recommend you to plan between 1.5 and 3 hours if possible, but not everything has to be in one piece. As an example: A part of the preparations, during the aperitif one hour, before the meal with sunset and possibly a 15 minute nightshoot session before the cake?
Do you edit the images before we get them?
Yes, each image you receive is processed individually. Of it a selection of approx. 80 to 100 pictures with creative and Beautyretouchen. As you know it from the glossy magazines to make you look like a princess. Skin impurities, wrinkles, dark circles etc. are eliminated. I place a high value on the post-processing / Photoshop, which takes 3 times as much time for me as photographing.
Do you photograph all over Switzerland?
Yes, as well as abroad. I would also be happy to accompany you on your honeymoon in the Seychelles for a Trash the Dress Shooting.
Do we only get color pictures?
No, you get all the pictures in color, black and white and in a vintage style.
How long does it take to get the processed images?
Approx. 2-3 weeks.
How many pictures do you take in one day?
At a 12 hour wedding these are about 2500 pictures, of which you get the best about 500 pictures.
Can we get the rest of the pictures and RAW files?
Believe me, you'll get the best and you don't want to have the raw images where you close your eyes, grimace, look unfavorable, where your uncle walks in front of the camera and which of image series are very similar.
What about image rights, is there a buy-out?
No, the picture rights for private use are with the customer there is no copy protection or watermark. The picture rights for the commercial use are with me, I may use the pictures for self-promotion.
How does the design of the wedding book work?
In a detailed discussion after your wedding, I advise you about style, size, shape and color of the book. Afterwards I will select the pictures for your book in approx. 2 weeks and send you a digital "good to print" of the layout book. You can make any changes you wish. After your OK the production takes about 4 weeks.
What kind of equipment do you use?
The best Canon products, Profoto flashes, Photoshop, expensive LaCie backups and the most important thing, the head of the photographer.
What if the memory card or camera breaks?
I have 2 memory cards in the camera that record everything twice to prevent data loss.
However a 2te 5d Mark3 backup camera in the case in case the Mark4 gets a champagne shower.
How long have you been photographing weddings?
Since 2008 I was allowed to photograph about 300 weddings.
Do you only photograph weddings?
80 percent yes. It's what I like to do from the bottom of my heart and I try to improve myself constantly. I am also available for other events and in the studio in all areas of people photography.
Can you reserve a date for us?
Unfortunately no, the bookings are made according to the first come / first served principle.
What are your terms of payment?
Upon delivery of the image data, you will receive the invoice with a payment slip.
What happens if, for example, you are struck by lightning?
Then I can guarantee you I won't come to your wedding, which would be a shame. Until now I have not had to cancel a wedding. In case of any problems, I would look for a substitute photographer with whom I have already worked.
We would like to book you as our wedding photographer how and when should we book you?
If your wedding takes place on a Saturday, between May and October, I recommend that you ask one year in advance. So that you are sure that your desired date is available. A booking is made with confirmation of the offer for which I need place, date and duration of the engagement.
What if our wedding lasts longer than planned?
No problem, I have nothing else to do on your wedding day and like to stay longer. The hour costs Sfr. 250.-.
Do you give discounts on low season and not Saturday weddings?
I'd love to. It never hurts to ask.
Do you have dinner?
Yes, please, remember, a hungry photographer is not a good photographer. It is important that I am "fed" at the same time as the bride and groom so that I don't miss anything. Inform the kitchen. Depending on the location I like to eat in the restaurant or at the hotel bar, you may also place me in the hall to your guests.
I am a photographer and like this info page, can I copy it into my website?
I hope the question isn't meant seriously. I have invested a lot of time in it, copying is not legal and not ethical. Thank you for writing one that is focused on you and your customers.